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Tina Junior - help with children from age 8

Have fun in the open air and explore Tina Land: at the Dolce Casa Family Resort & Spa you never have time to get bored

The Tina Junior mini club is designed for children aged 8 and upward who are looking for something new and special. Tina Junior is a realm of fantasy and fun, where children can play and enjoy learning new things with help from our team of experts. They can go out and explore woods and streams, but also have a wonderful time inside the hotel: with the many different play areas in Tina Land, it’s impossible to ever get bored. In addition, we organise lots of interesting activities for them to take part in, together with all their new friends. We’re sure that they’ll be bursting to tell you about all their adventures at the end of the day!

Please note that Tina Land is only open to children and our team of activity leaders.

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