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Family Hotel with wellness centre for parents’ relaxation

An oasis of peace with saunas and Turkish baths, where you can go to relax and focus on well-being

When you need a little break from the children, there is no better place to relax than in our Spa. Children do not have access to this world of peace and quiet, so parents can enjoy a well-deserved rest just doing nothing.
You’ll find a wellness trail with various types of sauna: Finnish sauna, bio sauna, steam bath and calidarium, plus a refreshing shower to cool you off. It is very important to relax for a few minutes between saunas, and to lie on the hot water beds and let yourself be lulled gently by the waves with the evocative sight of a fireplace in the background. While you’re relaxing, you can enjoy a special herbal tea and some fresh fruit.

Revitalising shower Duration: 2-6 minutes - Temperature: 45° - 48°
It relieves tension, promotes relaxation, and is always a pleasant sensory experience thanks to the natural aromas of mint, apple blossom and Scots pine. The combination of aromas and colour effects creates a feeling of harmony between body and spirit.
Finnish sauna Duration: 10-15 minutes - Temperature: 80° - 100° - Humidity: 10%-20%
This sauna has a deep detoxifying effect, leaving the skin radiant and more supple. In addition, the hot steam bath aids relaxation, helps you sleep at night and improves blood and lymphatic circulation. A sauna is like a deep cleansing for the whole body, and makes your skin more resistant to adverse weather conditions, extreme temperatures, and wind and smog.
Herbal bath Duration: 10-15 minutes - Temperature: 50° - 60° - Humidity: 45%-55%
The warm heat and gentle steam suffused with natural plant essences envelop your whole body. The mild atmosphere of the Biosauna has healing effects on the skin and hair. It helps to cleanse and stimulate the airways, and the aroma-filled steam creates a special atmosphere, giving you a unique experience. Come in, sit down, breathe deeply and relax.
Turkish bath Duration: 10-15 minutes - Temperature: 40° - 50° - Humidity: 90%
The essential oils and medicinal herbs suffused in the steam are absorbed by the skin and the respiratory tract and have a beneficial effect on the whole body. Thanks to the health-giving combination of heat and humidity, the body relaxes and muscle tension melts away. The hot steam penetrates the tissues, increasing blood flow to all the organs and so triggering a beneficial, health-giving process.
Silent room A relaxation area with water beds: carved into the rock. Absolute silence is observed here.
If you feel you can’t breathe well any more, it’s time to go out, cool down with a cold shower and relax. You can repeat this hot-cold procedure 2-3 times maximum.
It is advisable to drink a cup of tea and eat honey to replenish your fluids and regain energy.
Hay bath Duration: 20 minutes - Temperature: 40° - Humidity: 90% - Frequency: 1 time a day
An ancient tradition of the alpine areas with relaxing, purifying and regenerating properties for the whole organism. The steam and heat, mixed with the elements of mountain hay, expand from the back to the knees, with the remarkable effect of alleviating joint disorders and rheumatism.
Solarium High pressure tanning bed session, lasting 20 minutes.
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